Kids Puddle Paddle Rain Suit Boys Girls All in One Overalls Waterproof Splash

Nothing dampens the spirits of children wearing these patterned rain suits. A lightweight, waterproof, breathable fabric keeps water out and prevents moisture build-up inside.


Big Brim Hood

The hood of the rainsuit is of ample size which can prevent rainwater from flowing on to your child's face.

It is also transparent on the peak to give your child better vision when wearing the hood

Reflective Strips

Reflective strips on the cuffs and pockets ensure your child can be seen when the light is dimmer.

Double Protection

The rainsuits are equipped with zippers and snaps for double fastening protection.

Elastic Banded Foot Holes

The trousers of the rain suit are equipped with step in elastic bands for easy fixing to ensure they don't ride up your child's legs when in use.

Size Guide

S - Length: 74cm - Recommended Age: 2-3 Years - Recommended Height: 80-95cm

M - Length: 84cm - Recommended Age: 3-4 Years - Recommended Height: 95-105cm

L - Length: 95cm - Recommended Age: 4-5 Years - Recommended Height: 105-120cm

XL - Length: 106cm - Recommended Age: 6-7 Years -Recommended Height: 120-130cm

XXL - Length: 116cm - Recommended Age: 7-8 Years - Recommended Height: 130-140cm